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Here at giantbeanbag.co.uk we reserve the right to withdraw or change any part of this website at any point we see fit, we may even refuse you or anyone access to this website at any time we choice if we believe it to be necessary. The use og giantbeanbag.co.uk and these terms of use are the subjct to the laws of the United Kingdom and the jurisdiction of the UK courts. We will not be held responsable or liable for the failure to perfrom any obligation to the other due to the causes beyond our control here at giantbeanbag.co.uk.



Orders that are placed on our website giantbeanbag.co.uk will be processed through Amazon.co.uk and this means that we do no fulfill, dispatch or refund any of the orders that are placed on our website. If you would like to deal with any returns or disputes with any orders or any queries about your order, it will remain the responsibility of Amazon.co.uk. We do not accept any of the responsibility of any orders that are placed through Amazon.

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We will always try to make the giantbeanbag.co.uk website available at all times but sometimes we can not guarantee that out website will continuously and without interruptions operate. We ask you plese not to interfere with the workings of our website and in particular you must not try to or attempt to tamper with the security or hack into this website.

We will always do our best efforts to ensure that this website and all materials and information that are published on giantbeanbag.co.uk is as accurate as possible at the time you are looking at this website. but please be aware that all the content, information and materials are provided as a as is basis and you will assume the sole responsibility and risj in the use of this website and the information that is contained on it.

We will of course do are upmost to correct any errors that may accure as quickly as possible after they have been notified.



The Prices on our webiste are up to date and current to within 60 minutes, but the products and postage costs are subject to change at any point and we here at giantbeanbag.co.uk do not have any control over them, but we will do our best to make sure they are up to date to the final price you will find on Amazon.co.uk. You will always be told the exact amount you will have to pay including any postage costs before you confirm you orser with amazon. We will not however honour any prices of items or postage costs that have been quoted under any circumstances.


giantbeanbag.co.uk will not accept any liability (a part from what is set out in these terms and conditions) for any omissions or errors. You will have to take full responsibility if any of these terms are breached and if you use giantbeanbag.co.uk and breach these terms and conditions you will be liable to and will have to reimburse for any damages or losses to us caused as a result of this. giantbeanbag.co.uk shall not take any liability (which includes the liability for negligence) for the acts or omissions of the telecommunications services or even for the failure of or faults within their networks and equipment.


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