Privacy Policy

Here at we will do our up most ing protecting your privacy. All of the infomation that is gathered about you will be in a lawful way and in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

If you wish to learn more about our Privacy Policy here at GiantBeanBags then please carry on reading below.

What Information we collect?

The Only infomation we collect here at is about how you have navigated about and round this website, products and items that have been added to your basket will only be kept temporaily. We will not and have never kept any personal infomation on this website that could be used to identify you or anyone else using your computer. When you are ready to place an order at Giant Bean bags you will be taken to and once there you will be asked there for other details they require to furfill your order. Please see Amazon Privacy Policy for full details about this.

We will hover monitor and record usage data on this website, this includes things such as pages that you have visited, how long you have viewed a page and what pages you move on to on this site, but this information is completely anonoymous and no details about yourself are kept.

How do we protect your information?

We do not hold any personal information about yourselves but anything that is stored securely in accordance with out internal security.

Do use cookies on their website?

The only cookies we use here at on out website only enable you to hold the content and items of your basket between the times you visit our site, this is to save you time and hassle of having to search for and add your items back into your shopping basket again, also we record traffic data anonymously around the site to see if our website is performing correctly. Giant bean bags will never store any personal information about yourselves in these cookie files on our website.

Will we sell your information?

Will have not and we never will sell any of the infomation about are customers to anyone, thats it nothing more and nothing less, giant bean bags will not forward any of your details on to any other thrid parties at any time, you can be completely happy that all of your information and privacy is safe with us.