Big Bean Bags

Bean bags are ok - but GIANT bean bags are so much better!

These chairs are just as comfortable if not more as any other type of furniture, where alternative types of chairs use hard plastic's or metal are not at all, which does voids any real benefit, from the ease of the cleaning; if nothing is spilt on them, then they won’t need cleaning.



Bean bags are not just to be used for relaxing, well they are but they can be used for a lot more!

They are a great piece of furniture to be used in any part of your home, whether your just entertaining friends, playing games on your games console or just watching a movie, when the sun's out, chilling outside with your friends and having a BBQ, these big bean bags can even be taken outside.

With these you really can have all your furniture needs in one, they can be picked up and put anywhere and taken everywhere, you will wonder how you ever did without one of these ever before. How much furniture in your house can you say that about already?

With a wide range of colours and materials like faux leather and suede to choose from we are sure you will find the perfect one to fit into your existing home with they need to redecorate. These chairs are comfortable and fashionable and we even have waterproof bean bags that you can use outdoors all year around.

Looking for a cheap alternative to buying a new sofa? Why not look into buying one of these they are so comfy! Sofas can be very expensive these days and a bean bag sofa is, well a sofa filled with beans instead, they mould to your body and make relaxing that bit easier.

Need help with which one to get? Why not have a look at our beanbag buying guide for help.

Bean Bag Filling

Does your bean bag not feel as comfortable as it was when brand new?

Fear not - here we have a plethora of refilling available to buy. With our selection of filling to buy, our smallest quantity of filling comes in at 1 cubic feet, whilst the biggest we sell is 20 cubic feet of filling, ready for you to refill your bag and make it feel as comfortable as the first day you bought it. To ensure that your chair lasts a lifetime, be sure to order our refill pack, which comes with a free inner liner that is filled with polystyrene beans.

Just So Comfy

With a giant bean bag, you really can get lost when you sit down and sink into it. It feels just like a big cuddle! Here we have a massive collection of GIANT bean bags for you to look through, with an amazing selection of colours to choose from, you can be sure to find the perfect one for you.

Not only do they look great, and are amazingly comfortable, they are also incredibly practical! Because of their size and shape, you can manipulate them in order to get a completely different seating position, creating various options when looking for the most comfortable seating position.