Gaming Bean Bag Buying Guide

We thought we would write a little guide for you to help you out making your choice when buying a gaming bean bag chair. Once you get your gaming chair or gaming bean bag you will wonder how you have ever lived without one.

A gaming bean bag is what the true hard core gaming fan needs in there life, does your friend or family live for playing there games? Just spending hours and hours immersed in the game? Then a gaming chair will be the perfect gift for them, you could not make a gamer much happier after they sit in one of these to play there games.

Playing on computer games used to just a form of recreation but, that has changed so much, the gaming industry is growing at an amazing rate and people even take playing computer games to a professional level and even take it up as a profession.

It is important to remember then that being comfortable is very important, sitting in the same spot for hours on end it is important to keep a good posture and not slouch, This can be very hard to do on a normal bean bag or chair, most people just sit on the end of the bed leading to great back pain after a couple of hours.

Gaming bean bag chairs have been design in such a way to promote good posture but still be very relaxing and comfortable, there reclining back design provides amazing back and neck support to the gamer.

Gaming Chairs

Gaming bean bags are becoming very popular in the UK so it is important to find one that you can trust, we have done all the searching for you and only listed what we think are the best gaming bean bags and gaming chairs on the market today. The idea of a gaming chair is to enhance the experience for the gamer and let them sit back enjoy there computer game and not have to worry about there neck and back aching, these problems are a thing of the past, thanks to the gaming beanbag chair, but also, they will help maintain good posture, amazing comfort and fantastic value your money.

Gaming chairs with built-in speakers

Gaming chairs and gaming bean bags have really come a long way in the last few years, we now have a selection of chairs with built in speakers and subwoofers built right into the back and sides of the gaming chair, this is truly a great thing about the gaming chairs and allowing the gamer to become completely immersed into there games, but not just games you can plug these into your TV’s and sound systems, thus allowing you to sit back and watch your favourite movies and have the sound come through the speakers getting that surround sound feeling through the chair itself, giving you that truly immersed atmosphere as your felling and here the movie the way its meant to be heard.

Rest assured that this is a great investment for any movie and gaming fan, so sit back in comfort and enjoy the additional features of a gaming chair, it really is a whole new experience that you have to find out about.

Pyramat gaming chairs

Pyramat gaming chairs are just one of a few gaming chairs that we have for sale on our site that come with built in speakers in the chairs themselves, they are compatible with all types of gaming consoles on the market today, also basically any other device with a audio output including ipods and iphones


The Pyramat gaming chairs are very comfortable to sit on and you can control the volume of the speakers and the amount of bass that the chair outputs, no need to adjust all the settings on the TV, just do it straight from the chair. We have a range of gaming bean bags and gaming chairs to choose from so you can find the right one for your budget and style of chair you are after.

X-Rocker gaming chairs

X rocker is another make that make gaming gaming chairs, they have a range of chairs that are all integrated with top end speakers, they chairs are great of kids or adults to use, prefect to the gaming addict.

X rocker gaming chairs come in all shapes and sizes to suit everyone’s needs, have you ever watched the Gadget Show and seen the gaming chairs they used and thought, I want one of those chairs? Well you are in luck as well we have them on our website.

If you are after a high end gaming chair then you should look no further than a X-rocker gaming chair, sitting on them is such a joy and they will not break the bank either, you will not be disappointed with one of these in your house.

Hi-Bagz Bean bag

Another great brand I thought I would give you some quick information on is the Hi Bagz gaming bean bags range.

These gaming bean bags do not have speakers built in to them but they are probably one of the most comfortable bean bags you can sit in, they have a reclining back support to them giving you the gamer the best comfort in any bean bag chair. Because they do not have built in speakers, they are a lot cheaper for anyone on a budget.

Don’t worry though you will not be missing out on quality with one of these gaming bean bags, they look fantastic, they come in a range of colours and materials such as faux leather, we have both adults and kids hi bagz gaming chairs to suit anyone in the household.

With prices of these gaming bean bags starting under £30 you will find it hard to find a better bean bag which is this stylish and as comfortable, a perfect gift for a loved one.