We offers the ultimate in furniture, with this unique range of style and comfort.

We have everything from bean bag sofas, bean bag chairs, loungers and even bean bag beds.

These chairs give you all the comfort and structure of every day seating but they are filled with beans so they mould around your body making it very comfortable. We have a wide range of fabrics available from leather to faux suede, you will be surprised at just how comfortable these are these days and wonder how you lived without one!

When most people think of bean bags they don’t really think that anyone of them can be used as proper furniture in a house. However, bean bag chairs can be used in any house in the United Kingdom without looking out of place. For some strange reason a lot of people assume that they are just for children or just for using every couple of days to relax on, but there are plenty of them that really suit some homes and look even better than a really expensive sofa!


Strangely enough - a bean bag sofa is just that - a large bean bag made in the shape of a sofa.

These sofas are incredibly comfortable pieces of furniture and can last many years especially when you take into account that when it does start looking a little tired and droopy, just buy yourself some new filling and then then sofa will be as good as new!

Sofa bean bags are amazing and seem almost designed specifically for cuddling up with a loved one in front of a cosy night in, with a takeaway and settling down with a glass (or bottle) of wine and watching a movie or two!

If you aren’t too sure whether you should get a traditional sofa or one of these, we really think that you should try something a bit different and get one and try it out. One of the main reasons why we think that these types of chairs are better than normal sofas is because they are just so much more comfortable than any other type of furniture that you can get. As well as this, most sofas are made from fabric that is quite difficult to clean.

This can be a huge problem, especially if you’re buying a sofa for your sitting room since it’s usually the room that’s used most often. That’s why you should think about purchasing a furniture bean bag since they are so much easier to clean since they are usually made out of a type of leather or plastic material that is very easy to clean. They come in a number of different sizes, colours and materials so why not take a look at all of them?