Bean Bag Refill

Keep your bean bag looking its best and keep it very comfortable with these refill packs.

Bean bags are great and one of the most popular reasons why people buy them is so that they can be comfortable on it. The majority of people think about what type of material is used on the outside of it when they’re thinking about comfort, but most people don’t realise how important it is that you choose the right type of filling in order to get the most from it.

One of the most popular types of beans that are used in most are plastic beans. These plastic beans are quite comfortable and very affordable at the same time, however sometimes they can go a bit flat after a period of time and then you’ll have to refill it to get it back to it's glory days.

Foam beans are also used in them nowadays. One of the benefits of foam beans is that it keeps its shape for a longer period of time compared to plastic beans. However, foam doesn’t really move about as much as plastic beans so if you want the most comfortable experience you might want to purchase plastic beans instead. Lastly, there’s styrofoam beans. We really like these but they can be a bit noisy every now and again when you’re moving around on your bean bag so just be aware of that! Now that you know about most common different types of bean bag filling you can have a look at all of the products that we have listed on the site below, we’re sure that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here at